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A week spent online

So, I spent a lot of time online this week. I am mostly over my cold, just still coughing. Buuut, I found a lot of awesome things on the internets :-)
I also finally found the time to sit down and watch Sherlock...

I found this cool Youtube Project about Pride and Prejudice. What if Elizabeth Bennet was American, had a Youtube account, and Twitter, and Tumblr? :-) It's in it's early stages, but I think it could be fun to follow and see how they develop the story. https://www.youtube.com/user/LizzieBennet

Then I looked through the http://www.kickstarter.com page, and saw some really cool stuff to fund (not that I can do that right now, but I definitely want to keep an eye on it, to see what else gets funded. It seems like a great way for cool projects to get funding, that would otherwise not be created)

I watched many hours of Youtube to catch up on some of my favourite vloggers, such as http://www.youtube.com/user/charlieissocoollike and the http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers Hank and John Green.

And I read a lot of awesome fanfiction, too. - As well as obviously exploring the Sherlock fandom, as you do... Very much open to recs.

And I also found lots of pictures. Tumblr is a time-sucking machine. ;-) Thought I'd share a few.

Benedict Cumberbatch, but also some other facesCollapse )

I posted my first pic for brbb

I posted my first pic for brbb. It was kind of nerve-wracking ;-) But thanks to desfinado for telling me ages ago not to be a wuss and actually participate, cause participating is fun :-)

The story was written by daniomalley22 and can be found here:
Now I Buy Stamps In Bulk It's Mikey/Frank ♥

knight_tracer gave me podfic \o/

Guys, I am so happy right now.

knight_tracer just recorded desfinado's Backseat. And it's so awesome. And it's for me. ♥ And you should so go and check it out. Cause knight_tracer catches the atmosphere so well. And it makes me really happy. Podfic is such a fantastic medium. She tells the story and gives it new aspects in the interpretation.

One of my favourite comfort fics turned into comfort podfic. How lucky am I?!


Fandom Snowflake challenge day 9

Fandom Snowcake challenge day 9

In your own space, create a fanwork...

I'm back at home and being gone from the internet the last few days, also behind on the challenge. But I did get a chance to doodle. So, um. Have two sketches.

Mikey Way (and his neck) and Tom HardyCollapse )

Fandom Snowflake Challenge day 2

The Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day Two
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create...

I'm starting with day two, as I've only ever posted two fanworks and it feels a little odd to be rec'ing those (there will be more after brbb hopefully :-P ).

Podfic by falter of the story Buy Handmade by jjtaylor.
-> Buy Handmade was the first bandom story I ever read. It was rec'ed to me by a friend, telling me I wouldn't really need to know the characters in much detail beforehand, because the characterisations were so detailed. And it pulled me in. It's Frank/Gerard, and it's a beautiful story about finding out what you might like to do in life, a story about love and friendship and baking. It's all kinds of perfect! And Falter does it so much justice. The podfic is soft and warm and really really happy-making.

A story that really stuck with me is desfinado's Backseat. It's Gerard/Mikey/Frank and the atmosphere is fantastic. It paint's this winter-y picture of malls and parking lots and teenagers driving around aimlessly, listening to mix-tapes and being totally comfortable with each other. I always associate this acoustic recording of The Gaslight Anthem's 'The Backseat' with the story. It fits so well with the overall mood.

Another fic plus podfic I really love is The Student Prince by fayjay. It is a fantastic modern day AU based on the characters of the BBC series 'Merlin', the pairing is Arthur/Merlin. It has everything. Love, betrayal, ridiculous royals, funny moments, sad moments, hope, love potions, pining and a prince at St. Andrew's.

Sketch of Mikey

This is for turps33 just because. It's not neck porn, but still :-P Also, I really need to get myself a scanner in the near future!!!

MikeywayCollapse )

Art for Romanticalgirl's High Fashion

Summary: He rubs his hands over the front of the dress, smoothing down the velvet then steadies himself against his dresser. ( High Fashion )
Rating: PG
Media: pencil and ink-pen
Warnings: Cross-dressing
Disclaimer: Does art need a disclaimer, too? I don't know these guys. I don't know if Geeway has ever worn a dress outside of that one time in college. So you know. It's fake. And I don't want to hurt anybody with it.
Notes: This is the first drawing I ever post online. I always feel awkward about my drawings. But I've decided to get over myself and dare it. :-P It is inspired by romanticalgirl 's
High Fashion which is just all kinds of awesome!!!

there be cross-dressing Gerard this wayCollapse )